Pluto Heights Be You Half-Zip Sweater

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The Pluto Winter 20 Album and the Snow Tiger are one in the same- both unique in their existence and unable to tame.

 Protective. Majestic. Warm. And Carefree. Each piece screams “BE YOU” because who else would you want to be? Stay warm all winter with the newest release of the sought after Pluto Puffer Jacket and the Denim Patchwork Preacher Cap. Each piece made for tactical use and to give you the type of pride you should have when you’re prowling through the winter months.

 No more cold winters when you’re a warm blooded beast. BE YOU and don’t ever let anyone tame your inner beast.

Pluto Heights Be You Half-Zip Sweater

  • 41% Polyester / 59% Cotton
  • Half-Zip 
  • Double Zippers
  • Standard Fit
  • Be You Embroidery
  • Pluto Insignia Woven Label