Kidrobot 8" Jean-Michel Basquiat Masterpiece Pegasus Dunny Art Figure

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Kidrobot is proud to continue the collaboration with Basquiat with this Kidrobot x Jean-Michel Basquiat Masterpiece Pegasus 8-inch Dunny. This new vinyl 8” Basquiat Masterpiece Pegasus Dunny features the iconic Neo-Expressionist Basquiat art piece, Pegasus (1987). The original art piece, a staggering 7-feet by 7-feet, transforms on the Dunny form with a commitment to detail, managing to capture the overwhelming negative space and bring Basquiat into the homes of art and Dunny collectors alike. Basquiat's first art dealer once said that Pegasus was "The Most Beautiful Drawing Ever." A legendary statement for a historical piece that you can now own a piece of as a limited edition Dunny.

Limited to 750 pieces worldwide.