Produce Script Teddy Fleece Hoodie

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Temperatures are dropping but that doesn’t mean that your style has to simmer- stay stylish and toasty all winter with The Produce Snowy Nights Collection.

Back by popular demand-, new Puffer Jackets are hanging from our racks and Iridescent Winter Coats are available for your cold weather protection. Find yourself softer than a teddy bear and warmer than the bliss of hibernation in our new Teddy Fleece Hoodie or protecting your ears from Jack Frost with our new selection of beanies- hand knitted here in Portland. Pieces made of cotton heavier than the snow that’s blanketing our roads- shop this look to get that effortlessly warm look anywhere you go.

Produce Script Poodle Fleece Hoodie

  • Colorway: Grey
  • Teddy Fleece