Winter 19 The Winter Sunrise Cookbook

Winter 19 The Winter Sunrise Cookbook

The final season from Produce for the year 2019 is finally here! The Winter Sunrise Cookbook includes a yellow classic logo x champion hoodie which has been featured throughout the year, now in the final primary colorway. This season we decided to create a color combination for our classic logo in harmony with the hues present during Portland's Winter sunrises. All of the garments featured throughout the Winter Sunrise Cookbook help portray these hues common to us Portland natives during the coldest time of the year. 

Winter Sunrise focuses on comfort and warmth. The collection includes only few essential shirts with a heavier emphasis on classic winter silhouettes, cotton fleece, polar fleece, heavy hoodies and crewnecks. Along with our classic logo being featured, we bring back the classic produce typography logo in new colorways on the perfect winter pieces. Whether you are looking for style, or simply to stay warm this winter. Produce has an assortment of garments perfect for you!


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Photography by @ConnorToday

Model @Mpz_