Spring 19 The Jawbreaker Cookbook

Spring 19 The Jawbreaker Cookbook

After a great preseason launch featuring an assortment of caps, t-shirts, champion fleece, and cut & sewn hoodies with our classic logo mixed media print. Produce is back again to close Spring with our jawbreaker inspired cookbook. The Jawbreaker Cookbook features a few of our classic logo essential silhouettes restocked in new colorways from hats to t-shirts, and of course our beloved champion fleece. As well as, the introduction of our embroidered swatch logo that is sure to be a standout piece in any setting featuring our four vibrant primary colors. 

Each season is represented by one of our primary colors, so for Spring we lean towards our blue pantone swatch. Hence, the reason why we choose certain garment colors to compliment and represent Spring's energy. 

Additionally, this collection features a custom pattern dyed white champion hoodie and white hat that resembles the same pattern seen on jawbreakers. It was a great experience for us all, and we hope you too can enjoy the love put into these garments. Our team got together in one of our local studio warehouses, put on some Produce Record tunes, and collaborated to create each one of our Jawbreaker hoodies, hats, and tote bags. Each piece was made in limited quantities, so be sure to grab yours today!

Enjoy the official Jawbreaker Cookbook below,

Photography by @Kingclinton
Model(s) @PharaohJordan, @Savagegrownorganics, @Cristellin, & @Forgetseb