Produce x Orox Leather Co Slim Cardholder & Bifold Wallets

Produce x Orox Leather Co Slim Cardholder & Bifold Wallets

Protect your hard earned bands this fall with our collaborative leather slim cardholder and classic bifold wallets with Orox Leather Co.

No more pulling out your tattered old wallet or worrying that the embarrassing velcro sound will put everyone’s eyes on you. Take pride in yourself. Take pride in your hard work- give your money a whole new look.

*Makes a great gift for him.

Orox's philosophy has been, and remains, that quality products are classic in style and should last you a lifetime. Our customers are a part of the Orox family. With this in mind, Orox is focused on providing all those who purchase our leather goods with the highest quality of materials, craftsmanship, and service because we wouldn't want anything less.

At Produce, we only commit to creating organic goods for the community to enjoy. 

Introducing the Produce x Orox Leather Collaborative Slim Cardholders & Classic Bifold Wallets from Chromexel leather from Horween tannery.