Vince Staples at the Roseland Theatre

Vince Staples at the Roseland Theatre

"One of the most humble artist I have ever met" - Julian Granade from Produce.

Those are the words that describe Vince Staples after our team attended his recent show on March 24th at the Roseland Theatre. Vince Staples and his tour entourage showed our team a lot of love and passed on some wisdom to those following their dreams. Portland made sure to be present in the moment and gave all of their energy during his live performance. A truly inspirational experience for the Produce team, and a night to remember for all. This was one show we hope you didn't miss! 

P.S. Vince Staples may be seen wearing our blue classic logo hat. We made sure to show our appreciation in return for their hospitality. 

Enjoy some scenes from onstage captured by Deontray Henderson