Pluto Heights - Art Society Wardrobe

Pluto Heights - Art Society Wardrobe

Museum musing and expensive artwork displayed across walls- protected behind thin wires- next to signs that scream “please do not touch.”

Walking through and viewing each piece with admiration- but you feel all eyes in the room following your leisurely strides and admiring you. Glances and whispers of appreciation for the art that you are wearing and that you yourself are the art that has grasped the full attention of the entire room.

Red, yellow, and orange hues swirling into rich purples and all the shades of soft blues. Every color that ROYGBIV provided us in 1672 when Sir Isaac Newton blessed us with the all great color wheel and all different colors and what they could do.

You are art wearing art- the embodiment of Miami nights you can’t remember, rich with the thick smell of Cuban cigars, and the sound of ocean air salsa dancing with the wind to bring this memorable night to an end. 

The Art Society Capsule was created to exemplify the act of adorning yourself with pieces that make you feel like a prized possession, worth every penny to view, and with the ownership of each unique piece- you are the art when you enter every room.

Be you,