Chuck Classics at Produce

Chuck Classics at Produce


These words were behind the birth of Chuck which is a local brand created by local Portland designer, Charlie Ryan. Charlie is a high school student at Lake Oswego High School and during his sophomore year of high school, he sustained a leg injury that required two surgeries and eighteen months out of the sport he loved dearly. He always had been obsessed with fashion, and decided it was time to dive into the industry and begin teaching himself how to sew. Thus, the journey of Chuck began.

This year, He was honored as the the co-winner of the Portland’s Fashion Institute’s competition for up and coming high school designers. Shortly after that, he had the opportunity to appear in Portland’s prestigious Fade to Light fashion show.

Today, he has returned to the field for lacrosse, but his injury gave him the time off necessary to now develop the future direction for not only his brand, but his career as a Portland fashion designer. 

We are proud to support our upcoming and growing streetwear community in Portland, and would like to officially welcome Chuck to Produce. Be on the lookout for a special surprise we are cooking for the summer !